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With a PC-like gaming experience, ARMED! is an online multiplayer strategy game that turns your Nokia Lumia into a battleground, with you as the general. 

I’m going to go ahead and say it. ARMED! is probably – currently – one of the best multiplayer strategy games out there for Windows Phone – created by indie studio Sickhead Games.

Although it’s been out a while now, we managed to miss it here at Conversations. Fortunately, while reading an article over at WPCentral about the must have apps for 2013, we noticed a lot of the comments were showering this game with praise; and now we know why.

For those of you who have been playing strategy games on the PC for the last ten (or more) years, you’ll find this a joy to play.

However, I’d suggest that you take the tutorial before you jump into the online gameplay, as my inexperience immediately let me down and the lifespan of all my soldiers was a short one.

ARMED! on Nokia Lumia 920

The objective is simple; build an army and send it across the wilderness to the enemies’ headquarters at the other side, and then destroy it. Of course, the other team will make this as difficult as possible for you, as they’ll be on an identical mission to destroy your HQ.

Starting at your base, you must spend what little credits (money) you have on building either defence systems like turrets, missile silos, and factories to assemble your army of insect-like attack drones, hover tanks and giant killer mechanoids.

As you make decisions and conquer the landscape, your credits increase, allowing you to purchase and build vital equipment for the impending doom. Whether that’s yours, or your opponents, your skills will determine that.


Not only your skills, though. Your skills are nothing without a well-trained army. Make sure you upgrade all your units to the max before going into battle, otherwise you’ll lose most of them if not all of them and will have to rebuild, costing time and credits.

Tactics will come in very handy if you want to win swiftly. For instance, hover tanks can glide across water so use that to your advantage. While you’re sending in the land-based fighters across the bridge, send in the hover tanks by skimming across the water and surprising the enemy from behind. BOOM!


When it comes to building structures, you can only do it next to existing ones. If you want to expand, navigate around the map and take ownership of the power stations dotted about. Owning more power stations will see your income rise, too. This means more weapons in your arsenal.

Visually, ARMED! is stunning. The unique 3D artwork is very easy on the eye and makes you want to explore the five different terrains that are available.

If you want to take a closer look at the action, zoom in by either pinching two fingers together on the screen, or by sliding your phone up and down on the right side of the screen. You can also rotate the screen to see behind buildings or rocks by sliding your finger left or right across the bottom of the screen.


The in-game action is smooth. Your units roll or fly around the screen with ease and the battle scenes show missiles, lasers and explosions with satisfying glory.

ARMED! is available to download on Windows Phone 7.5 and Windows Phone 8 smartphones. Costing £1.29 (or $1.49) it’s worth every penny.

Are you playing ARMED!? Let us know what you think of it, below.