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The on-screen keyboard on your Lumia smartphone running Windows Phone 8 has been designed to be as accurate as possible, so you don’t make mistakes when you’re typing. It does this by adapting each key’s invisible ‘hit target’ as you type, creating a dynamically evolving keyboard. 

For example, when you begin typing the letters H A P, the keyboard predicts you’re going to type the word HAPPY. The next letter’s invisible ‘hit target’ is expanded making the letter P’s hit target much larger, and the surrounding letters (O and L) shrink.

This is all so that when you’re tapping away at your keyboard, you can worry less about your spelling and concentrate more on getting your message across to the people that matter to you.

In a recent blog post over at the Windows Phone Blog, Jason Grieves, Program Manager at Microsoft explains: “On average people type 20 to 30 messages a day on their phones; that’s over 10,000 a year. They also make a lot of mistakes: about one in every three words, we’ve found.”

And as funny as mistyped text messages can be, users of Windows Phone should rarely find themselves featured on Damn You AutoCorrect, thanks to the keyboard feature we’ve mentioned here.

For more details on the Windows Phone 8 keyboard features, head over to the Windows Phone Blog.

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