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Burton 180

Snowboarding legend Seth Wescott once said, “In snowboarding, there’s a huge focus on style. It’s the aesthetic that draws us in.” If you understand where he’s coming from and have an eye for photography, a flair for film or an artist’s temperament, you’re in luck. A couple of weeks ago, we launched a competition in conjunction with the snowboarding company Burton, for creative spirits just like you.  

Win a trip to Colorado and a Nokia Lumia 920

To win a Nokia Lumia 920 and a trip to the Burton US Open in Colorado, USA, all you need do is submit a short film (2 mins max), photographs or artwork inspired by the subculture and lifestyle of snowboarding, on or off the slopes. We’ve had a ton of fantastic entries already. To inspire you, and show you what you’re up against, here’s some of the best so far.

“Tumble” by Ihsan IIze

Ihsan Ilze

“Life style” by Sarah Scheinfeld

Sarah Scheinfeld

 “Sweden we” by Sergey Senchikhin

“No snow, no show” by Mohammed Abdul Khader

Mohammed Abdul Khader

“Hot descent” by Semen Mishchinenko

semen Mischinenko


 “Euphoric” by Alison Moody


“Snowboarding gave me a second life. I love it!” by Vera Sharova

Vera Sharova

   “Dream big and in color” by Jill Rosell

Jill Rosell

“Never**Give // UP” by Andre Philippe Luif

Andre Philippe Luif

Flight of the butterflies” by Anna Surgutskaya

Anna Surgutskaya

We think these entries are awesome, but there’s still two weeks for you to challenge for one of the cool prizes on offer. And if these photos, artworks and short films aren’t enough to get your creativity fired up, check out this fantastic Pinterest board put together by our buddies at Talenthouse.

So what are you waiting for? Submit your entries here and you could soon be flying off to Colorado, with a shiny new Nokia Lumia 920 in your back pocket.