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New American noise

If there’s one thing that the US has given the world that we can all love, it’s music. From Blues and Jazz to Rock and Soul, this cultural melting pot of a country has taken musical influences from across the world, and time after time, created something amazing. And, what’s more, this is still going on every single day in cities across America.

Getting down and dirty

To celebrate these constantly evolving subcultures and sounds, Nokia Music has teamed up with Somesuch & Co, the Sundance Channel and four talented moviemakers. These independent directors, Abteen Bagheri, Emily Kai Bock, Bob Harlow and Tyrone Lebon, have gone underground to get up close and personal with the people who make their respective cities get down and dirty.


 Six of the best

They shine a light on the indie-cool of Portland, the friendly vibes emanating from New Orleans’ bounce movement, the gritty underground scene in Detroit, and sub-rosa rap on the busy streets of New York City. They also take a look at how strip clubs promote rap in Atlanta and artists making their mark in Los Angles.


New American Noise

The result is a unique hour long documentary, made up of six ten-minute short films, called New American Noise.  Scheduled to premier on the Sundance channel this Friday, it promises a unique insight into music’s evolution in America from the perspectives of music fans from all walks of life.


Celebrate good times

And for the next six weeks we’ll be celebrating this incredible musical diversity too by taking a closer look at each of the cities featured. So if you eager to learn more about how musical subcultures thrive or if you just want to discover some cool new tunes to add to your Nokia Music playlists be sure to check out these posts. Alternatively, follow @NokiaMusic for all the latest updates.

In the meantime, remember to put a note in your dairy for this Friday, January 18th, when New American Noise will show why America still knows how to shake its booty with the best of them.