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Anders Øvergaard has “been working with film [his] whole life”. Trying out new kit is a matter of curiosity, but it’s also a learning process. He’d read that the Nokia Lumia 920 had a good camera and was able to borrow one from the local Nokia office in Denmark.

Making the video proved to be something of a surprise.

“I work on a really hi-res 27-inch iMac. But when I downloaded the video for editing, I couldn’t really see much difference between the output from the Lumia 920 and the Canon 5D I usually use.”


It took a couple of hours to shoot the video. The band were recording the song in a studio, and Anders took seven sets of video, recording from different angles, then overlaid the band’s preferred take of the music in Final Cut. “The high storage capacity is definitely a benefit. I could record lots of footage without pausing.”

He also made a behind-the-scenes video to accompany the finished results.

So what advice does he offer to budding mobile film makers?

“The thing with the phone is that it’s a lot smaller than a regular camera set-up.

“It’s really easy to move around and experiment with different angles. With the image stabilisation, I was able to use it handheld rather than on a tripod.

“It’s always important to have lots of light when you’re filming. But with this video we were just able to use the office lamps, because the low light performance is good.

“Being a mobile phone, it’s also relatively cheap compared to other video cameras. So you can take risks. It would be fun to attach one to your helmet when you’re skiing, for example.”



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