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Nokia Lumia 920 photo

Several photos and videos have caught my attention this week, and it’s only fair that I share them with you, our loyal community. There’s photos like the one above from Olivier that simply capture all that is possible with the camera of the Lumia 920. Simply stunning.

Next up, a look at Nokia Music from Sam or as he puts it; ‘a rundown of everything you can do within Nokia Music’. And he’s right, it is! From playlists – the fact that these are already loaded is ‘cool’ – to making music available offline when travelling for ‘zero cost’. Sam gives a great, detailed look at everything that is available, including making your own playlist – in his own words it’s a ‘great way to discover new music’. Is it any good? The ‘honest answer is yes’.

An excellent guide, I’m sure you’ll agree.

We haven’t featured one for a while on this page, so I thought it was about time we had an unboxing video. Nirave’s look at the Lumia 820 is short, sweet and to the point:

For fans of the next stage on from the unboxing, Nirave has obliged with his first impressions of the phone.

Have you seen anything that you think the rest of the Nokia Connects community should be interested in? Feel free to let us know by leaving a comment or dropping us a link on Twitter, and we’ll be sure to include it in the next round up.