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Nokia Expert Centre: providing business support

With Nokia concentrating its efforts on delivering top-notch business solutions, a new Nokia-hosted site has popped up, called Nokia Expert Centre.

Formerly named Nokia Care for Business, Nokia Expert Centre is:

A one-stop shop for expert advice on Nokia products and business solutions, providing in-depth technical information for IT and mobility support organizations and Nokia channel partners free of charge.

Predominately designed for large corporations and small businesses alike, Nokia Expert Centre offers free help to those who need it in a simple and fast way.

Once you’ve registered you’ll have access to all the latest news and updates from the team behind this new service in the Articles section. For example, you can learn about how Nokia prevents data leaks with the Information Rights Management (IRM) functionality that comes built-in with all Nokia Lumia models. It’s a way of keeping emails protected and within a very specific environment that only authorised users have access to.


In addition to editorial pieces, there’s also access to a huge knowledge base of information detailing specific problems and solutions to those problems. If you’ve encountered a specific problem with a certain device, app, or service, this should be the first place to start as these KB articles contain everything you’ll need to know to resolve any issues you may have. If you find any of the advice helpful, you can give it a star rating to show your appreciation.

The Community section is where you’ll find the other users of Nokia Expert Centre. If you’re unable to find a solution to your problem, it’s worth asking the other community members, as maybe it’s something simple that someone else has come across.


There’s also a library of downloadable information to learn from, in the Downloads section. Here, you can download documents that detail how to configure services or setup phone settings so that they work with the infrastructure of your company.

If you prefer to learn about things in video form rather than words, head over to the Training section. Sit back and watch how to update the software on your Nokia Lumia, how to use Nokia Maps to find your way inside a shopping centre, how to transfer files from one phone to another, and more.

If after all this you’re still not able to find a solution to your problem, the Contact Support button at the top of the page opens a contact form that you can fill out to send to one of the Nokia Expert Centre team. Remember to be as detailed as possible so they can provide you with a solution as fast as possible.

Image credit: Victor1558