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This series of posts is creating quite a lot of peer pressure among the team, and I have to confess that I feel not a small amount of inferiority over the plain and simple choices on my Start screen.

Start Screen

Which apps have you prioritised?

It’s the basics really. Phone calls, texts and emails. Being English, I’ve also prioritised a weather forecast app – the latest version of Weather Flow, in this case. The latest version lets you also put weather on the Lock screen, but you can never have too much weather information in England.

What apps do you use to pass the time?

I’m a news junkie, so my RSS reader and the BBC news app are always pinned to my home screen, along with Zite, which offers a less predictable but 100 per cent interesting selection of recent news and features around my interests. I also have a few e-books loaded up on Nokia Reading for longer journeys.

Start Screen

What’s the last app you paid for?

‘Speak Italian’ – it’s a fun, talking phrase book app that I bought at the airport before a recent holiday. It’s not made me bilingual, but it was a good reminder of some of the basics.

Start Screen

Which app is your guilty pleasure?

I have to admit a weakness for the ‘choose your own adventure’ game, Wizard’s Choice. It’s like going back to the ‘Fighting Fantasy’ books of my teenage years.

Ian Delaney is the editor of Nokia Conversations.

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