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Last week we wrote about a clever new Windows Phone 8 feature called Kid’s Corner, which creates a safe place on your Nokia Lumia where a child can enjoy certain games, apps and content while keeping everything else out of bounds.

This is a great idea for anyone with kids or for those occasions when you’re visiting family and you have an army of nephews and nieces eager to play with your Nokia Lumia. For them it’s a toy; for you it’s an essential device that keeps your life in order!

Kid's Corner

But what if none of this applies to you? Perhaps you’ve got no kids or they’ve all grown up. What use is Kid’s Corner then?

With a little imagination and lateral thinking Kid’s Corner can be reinvented for your own needs and creates another part of your Nokia Lumia 920 or Lumia 820 that is highly customisable.

It might be that you want to group all your favourite games into a Corner, or perhaps albums from your favourite artist. 

Creating a Corner for your favourite content means that you’ll be able to access it quicker and it’ll look great in the customised space together. Perhaps think of it as creating separate and special Start screen.

Custom Corners

It’s worth remembering that Kid’s Corner can be renamed to anything you want, you can select your own screen image and also change the colour accents. 

So rather than Kid’s Corner, you are creating Your Own Custom Corner. First though, let’s remind ourselves of what we can add there:

  • Games
  • Music
  • Videos
  • Apps

See my previous post for instructions on how you set up Kid’s Corner and some of the side issues such as text notifications and incoming phone calls.

Here are some other ideas to help spark your imagination.

Location Corner


Your Nokia Lumia smartphone has the best location and navigation tools that you could possibly want.

How about creating a special corner just for Nokia’s suite of location apps?

Perhaps you don’t have room for them all on your regular Start screen but in this corner you can put them all together and access them very quickly even when you are out and about.

Holiday Corner

If you’re going on holiday then you’re likely to use some apps that you may never use again when you’ve got back. Or these are apps that would normally never vie for space on your Start screen.

Why don’t you create a Corner for them? I’m thinking of apps such as currency converters, translator tools or world clocks.

Beatles Corner

For Beatles, insert the band or artist of your choice, but we all have our favourites, don’t we?

You can add albums or playlists to the Corner and, of course, they don’t all have to from the same band. How about a Party Music Corner?

Sports Corner


If, like me, you’re a massive sports fan then you’ve probably got a lot of sports apps on your Nokia Lumia.

If they’re not on your Start screen, you can quickly forget what they’re called and end up scrolling around looking for the app that you want.

Creating a corner for them is a great way of keeping them organised in one place.

Video Corner

Much like the concept behind creating a corner for your favourite music, how about doing one for your favourite TV series or films? 

Video can be synced to your Nokia Lumia or alternatively there are some great apps such as Crackle or Netflix, which both have a huge library of entertainment that can be streamed on your Lumia.

Do you have an alternative idea for Kid’s Corner? Let us know how you are using it in the comments below.

Kid's Corner