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Nokia Lumia 620

There’s so much material out there written, snapped and recorded about the Nokia Lumia 620 that it can be quite daunting if you’re looking to find out the basics. So we’ve done it for you. You’re welcome.

An unboxing

The best place to start, always. We chose Daniel Rubino from WMExperts (other unboxings are available) – and this ‘true unboxing’.

Highlights include:

‘I really like the size…a great feeling in the hand’

‘front-facing camera – not bad for [this level of] phone’

‘absolutely adorable’

Start here if you want to know the basics.

A review

An armchair review (quite literally) from Dialaphone’s Chris Helsby gives a great idea of what the phone will offer – for example, Nokia ‘hasn’t skimped’ on the quality, feeling much more ‘sturdy’ than higher end smartphones.

It’s worth checking out the full written review of the Nokia Lumia 620 to see how it is ‘lighting the way’ for lower cost phones.

A sample of what it can do

But how does the 620 perform day to day? What can it do? Well, Jay has found an example of the phone’s rich recording capacity. Drums, no less.

I’m not much into drum solos, but this shows just how the Nokia Lumia 620 can record a full range of sound on the HAAC microphones. Great find, Jay!

A bit of fun

‘What would the Nokia Lumia 620 look like if it was rendered in Minecraft world?’ – a question we get asked ALL the time (seriouly, you wouldn’t believe it). Thankfully, Gokuroyu has delivered….in style.

Simply. Mind-bogglingly. Awesome.

Got anything you’d like to add about the Nokia Lumia 620? Let us know by leaving a comment, or hitting us up on Twitter.