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Most of us live out much of our lives online these days. We’re all using our phones for work as well as fun, and to stay in contact with each other. But increasingly this means separating and prioritising all the messages, tasks and conversations that are continuously rolling in to our inboxes. 

That can be a tough job, and there’s always the risk that you’ll miss a crucial work message or a request to connect from someone you really want to speak to.

The Lumia 920 Windows Phone screen

It is one mark of a successful person, that they can ‘conquer the chaos’ and create order from all the content feeds that they’re tracking (like the example above). So, we want to help you be successful in both your work life and your personal life.

In a series of posts over the coming weeks as part of the Nokia@Work program, we’re going to look at how you can create some order in how you communicate, both to help you do business and make sure you’re on track to get the best from your phone.

OneNote for Windows Phone

Author, trainer and learning and development expert, David Rivers, has talked about the use of Microsoft OneNote as a way of boosting productivity:

“Disorganization is a productivity killer. With OneNote, you can keep your important information and content well organized and easy to locate in a notebook, with color coded sections, page groups, and pages. Now share that notebook with a team, and individuals can contribute to the same notebook simultaneously. OneNote keeps track of the changes and updates your notebook on the fly. You’ll always know who contributed what, and when”.

It’s a matter of allowing your mobile device to become integrated with all your other devices.  After all, why should they be disconnected entities? Instead of trying to keep track of what is on which device, you should be able to seamlessly access, update and share your data. In forthcoming posts we’ll explore how this can be achieved with Nokia Lumia. 

And we want to hear from you, too. How do you use your phone for work? What do you need to know to create order and make life that bit easier?

Check out this guide to using OneNote on Lumia and let us know your thoughts. For more on Nokia and smart business, head to @NokiaAtWork on Twitter – and follow the NokiaAtWork tag right here on the blog.