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The Nokia Xpress Browser was specifically developed to save you money, battery life and time. If you’re not yet using Nokia Xpress Browser, there are plenty of reasons why you should be.

The latest version of Nokia Xpress Browser is currently available for Nokia’s Series 40 phones as an over the air update, or can be downloaded from Nokia Store.

We caught up with Jukka Blomberg, Product Marketing Manager at Nokia, to find out all the benefits that the Nokia Xpress Browser brings.

Data compression

Most websites are designed for full-on web browsers in mind; people sitting at a PC, staring at a monitor, for example. However, browsing the Internet on a mobile phone has different requirements.

Jukka explains:

“Rather than downloading all the data a website typically delivers to PC-based Web browsers, Nokia’s cloud-servers reduce image sizes and optimise the content before it even reaches your phone.”

It compresses data by up to 90 per cent without compromising on the quality of the data. This is because it does the heavy lifting ‘in the cloud’ instead of in your phone.



YouTube for everyone

While many of the Nokia Asha phones, such as the Nokia Asha 311, have had YouTube support for a long time with Nokia Xpress Browser, that support now extends to other non-full-touch Nokia phones. That means that millions of more people are now able to watch YouTube where they couldn’t before; just by installing Nokia Xpress Browser.

Videos can be streamed (if the device supports RTSP streaming) or (temporarily) downloaded using the new download manager. On the YouTube site, you’ve also got the option to select the quality of the video you want to watch, which is important for those on low data tariffs.

Phones to receive YouTube for the first time include all, Nokia 1-series, 2-series, models starting with X2- and models starting with C2.


Faster browsing

Due to less data coming into your phone, you’ll notice a considerable difference in browsing speeds. Web pages will load faster, enabling you to get on with what you want to do most – surf and enjoy the web and get things done.

With improvements to the address bar at the top of each page, you can now easily tap and type what you’re looking for, whether that is a specific URL or a search term. That bar then turns into a new, smoother progress bar that gives accurate loading times.

But how much faster can you browse? Jukka tells us:

“We’re going to put it out there and say that the Nokia Xpress Browser is up to three times faster than our competitors’ browsers on devices at similar price points.”

This of course is an average which is based on lots of testing done by us and 3rd party test houses.  The number will vary from country to country depending on network conditions.

Web apps

Web apps are apps that live in ‘the cloud’. Because of this, they also go through the same data compression that any webpage does. There are currently over 10,000 web apps available to download from Nokia Store, some of which include:

Wi-Fi locator
Movie Review
Around Me
Nokia Nearby
Nokia Life +

Web apps can be loaded through the browser or from your usual applications list within the phone. Importantly, because the apps don’t actually reside on your phone, you could install (or at least have the shortcuts to) all 10,000 apps within the app list in your phone. That’s quite amazing!


Saving money

Keeping track of how much browsing you’re doing is really simple. You’re given a breakdown on exactly how much data you’re saving and also on what media items you’ve saved them on. This gives you total control on your Web browsing and let’s you know if you need to surf less, or if you can still browse at will.

For some, saving money is the most important reason to keep-an-eye on your online habits. At the end of the month, when that bill comes in, that data allowance section is always more ‘full’ than we anticipated.

But with all the data compressing going on, you’re not downloading as much, meaning you’re paying less just for using Nokia Xpress Browser.

In addition to these benefits above, the latest version of Nokia Xpress Browser offers other UI improvements, including a new homepage design.

For more details make sure to check out the Nokia Xpress Browser webpage.

Whatever you use Nokia Xpress Browser for; you’ll find it ultimately helps you save time and money. Download it today, from Nokia Store.