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A little over a week ago we asked you a number of questions; how do you protect your phone, what are you protecting against, and if you’ve ever irreparably damaged your phone? The results from our little unscientific poll are in, so let’s see how you responded.

As was the case in our poll, we’ll split the results into three parts to make it easier to digest.

What do you use to protect your phone?


Almost 39 per cent of you use nothing but lady luck when it comes to protecting your phones. Myself included. I like to know that my phone is safe and secure, however I don’t want to compromise when it comes to aesthetics. When I choose a phone, I often like the design so much that I don’t want to cover it up.

Is this the same reason for you who voted? Let us know, in the comments below.

The second option for protection was to use a plastic case. Almost 28 per cent of you voted here. Sticking a phone inside something solid just makes sense if you want to protect your phone from the majority of potential hazards out there.

Screen protector scored third on this list, totalling nearly 22 per cent of your votes. There’s no guessing what you’re protecting against when using a screen protector, it offers a very specific protection.

Only 10 per cent of you use a leather case, something that was very common just a few years ago. Have they fallen out of fashion?

In fifth and sixth position were a sock and a plastic bag, scoring 1.5 per cent and just over half a per cent respectively. A plastic bag? Really? If you voted for this we’d love to hear why you chose this option.

No matter your reason, it’s interesting to know that people are coming up with their own ways of protecting their phones.

What are you protecting against the most?


The number one thing you’re trying to protect your phones against the most are scratches appearing on the screen. Just less than 38 per cent of you do their best to stop this from happening.

It’s no wonder, really, it’s the thing you look at most when you use your phone. You want it looking its best.

Next up was protecting against a scuffed body, receiving 26 per cent of the votes.

Fortunately, smartphones such as the Nokia Lumia 920, or Lumia 820 are made of materials where the colours are inherent in the material. That means that if your phone does get scratched, you’ll hardly notice they’re there.

In third place, scoring almost 15 per cent, was getting your phone wet.

It’s a real and valid concern. Dropping your phone is one thing; the chances are that if you drop a phone it might be OK. However, dropping a phone in a bathtub, or using the phone in the rain can really damage the internal circuits of your phone, quite often with irreparable consequences.

For some, almost eight per cent, dust or dirt can be an issue, especially when it gets into all those small holes and crevices of your phone.

At just under one per cent, it seems some people are concerned about keeping their phones at the optimum temperature. It’s true, that a phone that’s too cold can use more battery than one at ‘normal’ temperatures. But, why do you choose to keep it warm, or cool? If you’re reading and you voted for that, let us know, at the bottom of the article.

Irreparably damaged your phone?


Thankfully, a whopping 76 per cent of you have never damaged your phone beyond repair. Congratulations! Was this all down to lady luck? Or, did the protection methods help out? That’s hard to say‚Ķ

However, it turns out that over 16 per cent of you have irreparably damaged your phone. And seven per cent even when using a protective case of some sort.

What ever you use, and why you use it, it’s always good to take care of your phones. However, Nokia will continue to make phones that are durable and reliable so that if you do accidentally damage your phone, the impact to you is reduced.

What do you think of these results? Join us below, and discuss.

Image credit: Jim_K-Town

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