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3D printing has been hailed as the most transformative tech since the Internet. Bold words perhaps, but its potential to change the world is truly mind-blowing. This is one reason why Nokia has grabbed the 3D printed bull by the horns and shared specs needed for 3D print enthusiasts to create their very own Nokia Lumia 820 shells. Now, with the 3D Printing Challenge, we’re offering designers the chance to get in on the act, too.

So how does it work? Simple. You use your creative expertise to create a kick ass design for a brand new Nokia Lumia 820 shell.

Express to impress

There are a couple of things you need to take into account to impress the judges. Firstly, you should consider how to make an aesthetic and artistic design, which most appeals to smartphone users. Secondly, you should try and consider the practical aspects as well. For example, perhaps you might want to create a shell that allows for a bigger battery or one with a heavy-duty speaker. Go crazy and let wishful thinking and imagination combine.

The fantastic five

Your idea will be judged on very clear criteria, broken down into five categories, each of which will have equal representation in the final decision.

  • Clear articulation of designs in written language and visuals where possible
  • Real life possibility of being made into a mobile phone cover
  • Aesthetic design and creativity
  • Likelihood that mobile consumers will take interest in your design
  • Community support for your idea



Judgement day

While comments and likes will be considered as part of the community vote for the submission, jury members will also apply their expert judgement to ensure that final winners are judged by both quantitative and qualitative measures. So who are the people we’re relying upon to pick the best of the best?

We’re very happy to have Matt Kroner, a 3D product designer at MakerBot join the judging panel. MakerBot have already been printing some awesome Lumia 820 shells using this derivative based on our released designs. Matt, a graduate of the University of Cincinnati’s industrial design program, specializes in 3D printing, product and toy design, and illustration. He’ll be joined by some equally illustrious experts from Nokia. These include: 

  • Jarno Piironen, Director, Head of Audio, Inbox and Smart Covers, Nokia
  • Rhys Newman, Head of Advanced Design, Nokia
  • John Kneeland, Community and Developer Marketing Manager, Nokia
  • Kirsten Kuehl, Global Head of Ideas Project Community, Nokia

Come fly with us

The top five ideas picked by these talented individuals will be considered for printing at the Mobile World Congress, held between February 25-28th in Barcelona, Spain. Circumstances permitting, the winning designers will also have the chance to fly to Barcelona and share in the excitement of the event. 

You have until February 15th to submit your idea to the Ideas Project. So what are you waiting for?