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Our first Nokia Lumia Challenge has just come to an end! But before we get into who’s won a Nokia Purity headset, let’s take a look at some of the cracking entries we’ve had.


Nokia Lumia Challenge

Some awesome cyan chalk artwork here by Pisák, turning his Lumia into an angel!


Nokia Lumia Challenge

It looks like this was taken beside a swimming pool. Stephen’s Lumia blends in perfectly, a brilliant colour match.


Nokia Lumia Challenge

Here’s JP ‘on top of the world’ with his Cyan Lumia, in the French Alps. A killer image!


Nokia Lumia Challenge

I  understand this image took Fergal a long time to achieve, and definitely appreciate the white Lumia matching the natural white cliffs in the UK. Excellent colour match!

And to our winners…


Our first winner, Daniel, encapsulates so much in his vibrant colour match photo. The briskness of a sunny day on a ski slope, the colourful attire that you’ll encounter and fun you’ll be having to boot. We love it. Congratulations Daniel.

Nokia Lumia Challenge


Finally, our last winner is one we featured halfway through the challenge. Out of all the entries, this one just works, it gives great insight into Harry’s passion for music. The white Lumia sat inside the guitar strings is a great match too. Congratulations, we love it!

Nokia Lumia Challenge

Thanks for your participation everybody, it’s been awesome looking at your pictures every week! Winners, please drop me an email and we’ll arrange your prizes.

If you didn’t win this time stay tuned, there will be another challenge starting next week!