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Nokia’s been involved in the world of snowboarding for a while now. From inventing new apps for boarders to sponsoring competitions, and working with Burton on cool smartphone accessories. On the face of it, mobile tech and snowboarding might not have much in common. But snowboarders are some of the most creative people on the planet.

Hard as nails

And it’s not just coming up with amazing new tricks either, many boarders are passionate photographers and filmmakers, too. If you’re recording your moves on the slopes, you want a camera that’s portable, hard-as-nails and incredibly versatile, qualities Nokia smartphones excel in. 

High fives

We’ve recently launched a competition with Burton to showcase this creative spirit. Photographers, filmmakers and artists from across the world submitted hundreds of stunning entries. To see for yourself check out five that are currently riding high in the voting stakes. Every voter has the chance to win a Lumia 920, so why not head on over and vote today before voting closes in just over 24 hours.

“Snowtrip Chile 2011” By Evandro Rocha

“Army style snowboarding.” By Gor Elchyan


“Flight of the Butterflies” By Anna Surgut


“Burton U.S. Open model” By Dmytro Malyshev


“From summer to winter – Snowboarders desire ” By Alexander Alexandro


Double golden boy

One person who’ll doubtless enjoy these entries is Roope Tonteri, who recently won double gold at the 2013 FIS Snowboarding World Championships. One of the best snowboarders of his generation and a keen filmmaker, Nokia’s now helping him prepare for the 2014 Winter Olympics. 

Roope will also be giving us a unique insight in the world of a top class snowboarder, using Nokia flagship phones, starting with the Lumia 920. 

RoppeTonteriNokia 2

“I’m stoked about my new sponsor,” said Roope. “Nokia is a Finnish company and I have been using their phones ever since I was a little kid. We have some great plans coming up with Nokia as a part of this contract so I’m really motivated to start a cooperation with them”

It’s great to be able to support such a talented athlete and help him achieve his dreams. It’s also super exciting to get an insiders view of one of the most mind-blowing sports in the world. A sport so popular, that more people watched the Olympic half pipe final, than the American finals of Idols. 

While we won’t be doing any ollies, nosegrabs or triple corks soon, we’ll certainly be rooting for Roope when he works his magic. In the meantime, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the NokiaxBurton entries, Roope and snowboarding in general.

Image credit: ©Eleonora Raggi