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Seeing different parts of the world is both a pleasure and a privilege. Yet the modern travelling experience can also bring its fair share of irritations and problems.

That’s why this week’s Asha App Spotlight is World Traveler, which is an essential holiday companion with several useful features. You could say that it’s the Swiss Army knife of travel apps.

The World Traveler app has long been available for other Nokia handsets – its website claims that it has been installed on over 5 million devices – and it has now arrived for Asha Touch smartphones.

World Traveler

World Traveler

In summary, the World Traveler app for Asha incorporates a world clock, currency converter and a flight assistant.

The World Clock has one of the more attractive designs that I have seen and you can monitor the time in up to three other destinations in addition to the time in your home city.

Likewise, the currency converter is also simple to use. It takes your ‘home’ currency and shows you what you can get with your hard-earned cash in three other international currencies.

Be mindful, that you need a data connection to get the latest exchange rates. Within the app, you can set the update interval to daily, weekly or manual.

Personally, I found that it was easiest to leave it in manual mode and to just tap the ‘update exchange rates’ button in the menu whenever I needed a quote.

Flight Assistant

World Traveler

The third feature of World Traveler, Flight Assistant, is perhaps the most useful but there is a catch.

While world clocks and the currency converter are already enabled with the free app, you need to pay extra for Flight Assistant. To unlock it costs £4 in the UK, so you should check for your local price.

It’s perhaps worth mentioning that World Traveler has plenty of other premium features but at the moment they are only supported on Symbian S60 devices. So it might be worth keeping an eye out to see if they expand this Asha app in the future.

I think it is also pertinent to mention that even when you’re just using the free features, World Traveler contains no adverts.

If you pay for Flight Assistant you’ll be able to search the flight schedules of major and low cost airlines. The best feature though is the ability to set up alerts for your flight.

World Traveler

The app will work in the background and notify you immediately when your gate is announced, or if the flight is delayed and if you’re really unlucky, if it’s cancelled.

With or without Flight Assistant, World Traveler is well worth taking with you on your next trip.

If you’d like to explore some more travel-related apps for Asha, check out our post from late last year, Nokia Asha As Your Travel Companion

Top image credit: Stuck in Customs