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There’s no doubt the Nokia Lumia is a phone that is friendly to winter sports. Thanks to the super sensitive touch screen it’s glove friendly for easy use when out in the cold.

So shouldn’t the world’s best cold weather phone have a premier app for winter sports to go along with it?  We think so.

WINTER SKI & RIDE is the perfect companion app for skiers and snowboarders providing weather and snow reports, complete with resort maps and information.

WINTER SKI & RIDE also lets skiers and boarders track their activity, set goals and earn achievement.

WINTER Resort info

WINTER leaderboard

One thing you’ll notice is the Track button. Activate this switch and throw your Lumia in your pocket as you conduct your ride and you can see real time analytics for your run, including maximum speed, vertical feet and time. All this data is saved to the cloud for future reference and comparing your runs over time.

For those concerned about the GPS running down their battery – WINTER SKI & RIDE has been optimized to run in low-consumption mode, meaning you can track activity and still have battery at the end of your day on the mountain!

Want to get in touch with other skiers and boards? You can connect with them on the service and see leaderboards and share runs amongst individuals or groups, depending on how you choose to set it up.

The app also has instructional videos from professional ski and snowboarding instructors that will give you insight into techniques for traditional skiing, telemark, snowboarding, freestyle and cross-country skiing. Because WINTER SKI & RIDE is endorsed by the Professional Ski Instructors of America, it has professional lessons from the best ski instructors around the world.

WINTER SKI & RIDE is available, exclusively for Nokia Lumia phones and can be found in the Nokia Collection today.