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It’s that time of year again; today is Valentine’s Day. For those whose partners just like some chocolates, don’t forget to grab a box from the shop tonight. For the others who are stuck for ideas, check out our Valentine’s Day apps for inspiration, on Nokia Lumia and Nokia Asha.

Valentine – Free



Trying to think of something your loved-one will enjoy on Valentine’s Day can be tricky. Do you go for the £2.99 flowers from the local garage and hope she doesn’t notice the smell of petrol? Or, do you go for something different and unique?

This app for Nokia Lumia has a gift section that has about a dozen gift ideas that your partner would love. For example, how does a photo book sound? Or, how about providing some red carpet treatment? Both good ideas for making your loved-one feel special.

There’s also a long list (40) of lovely text messages you can send right from the app to anyone you please. Just make sure you type in the correct phone number.

101 Love Msgs – Free


Running with the text message theme, if 40 messages weren’t enough, how about 101?

You could opt for something fairly traditional, such as:

“Waking up to you every day has made my life full.”


“Your beauty stole my breath the first time I saw you.”

There is a lot to choose from, so maybe you’d prefer to just hit the Spin button to find a random message. Pressing the send button will allow you to enter a phone number or find a contact from your People hub.

Rose Day Theme – £1.00

Rose Day Theme

Show your partner you love them and surprise them with a new theme on their Nokia Asha.

This theme includes heart shaped wallpapers and a new set of icons that’ll keep on reminding that special someone just how much you love them throughout the entire day.

MICHELIN Guide – £8.49

Valentine’s Day only happens once a year and it’s a great way to show the person you love, just how much they mean to you. Why not take them out for a dinner he or she will never forget?

This app for Nokia Lumia may cost a bit, but what you have access to is a fully detailed registry of all the eateries selected by MICHELIN in Europe.

If five-star, cordon bleu cuisine is what you’re after; you’ll find it with this app. However, if you’re looking to something a little more affordable, there’s always that option, too. But go on, splash out – make a night of it.

Love Calculator – £1.00

Are you and your life-long partner destined to be together? This Nokia Asha app lets you know.

Just type in both of your names and the app will calculate how much love is between you both.

Obviously, this is just a bit of fun. Please don’t let it be the reason for the break up of a relationship.

Parcelgenie – Free



This is a clever little app for Nokia Lumia. With it you can actually send real gifts to people, rather than just sentimental messages like the previous two apps.

The nice part is, you don’t have to put anything in the post, or even know the recipients address.

Just choose the person you want to send a gift too from your People hub, select one of 50 gifts from the catalogue, and press send. That’s it from your end.

The other person will receive a text message asking them where the gift should be sent, so it won’t be a surprise delivery, but the cost is taken care of at your end.

Gifts start from £1.99 and include sweets, chocolates, cuddly toys and even a pair of soft slippers.

Each gift is hand wrapped, too, which will be sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.

Whatever you decide to do this Valentine’s Day, app-based, or not, have a great day.

Have you found any other Valentine’s Day apps that you find useful? Let us know, below.