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Engadget, one of our favorite technology sites, recently held a contest asking their readers to rank their favorite devices, ranging from TVs to phones and laptops.

To our delight, our customers and fans came through for Nokia again. The Nokia Lumia 920 – the world’s most innovative smartphone – won Best Smartphone of 2012!


We’re not quite sure if it’s because of innovations like PureView, wireless charging or the amazing super sensitive touch display, but we’re happy and we have all the Nokia customers and fans to thank.

The Lumia 920 won the category decisively, garnering more than 43% of the votes. For comparison, the next best phones in terms of votes only managed to get 15.5%.

In similar news, last week Gizmodo showcased the Nokia Lumia 920 as having the “best smartphone camera” when compared to the competition.

Thanks again for all your votes – we appreciate the support! 

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