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For almost two weeks we’ve been enjoying your #NokiaLumiaChallenge Cinemagraphs. They’ve been cool, cute, funny, weird and sometimes a bit scary!

As always, there can only be two winners, which is hard for us considering how great the submissions have been. So, let’s showcase some of our favourites first, before announcing the two winners.

High flying diving action in this one, exciting stuff!

We really like this tranquil scene submitted by Timothy. It’s calming and full of colour, just like a postcard.

This is what I meant by scary. There were a few similar Cinemagraphs but this was the best of the lot!

Christopher Lux captured this really cool guy jamming on his banjo. Not much to say apart from it needs a sound track! Awesome!

This Cinemagraph from Josemari Gago is cool in a couple of ways. The freaky bubble machine is just one of them. The other is a moment when a bubble on the right comes close to the camera then retreats back, in an almost seamless motion. Very nice to watch!

If you submitted one of the Cinemagraphs that is not credited, please let me know in the comments section who you are and I’ll add you.

Now onto the winners!

Donald Strand submitted a string of amazing Cinemagraphs all captured on the subway. I feel this one is the best. It’s simple but framed very well and there are hidden gems everywhere. Well done Donald!

Well, this is simply hilarious. Gifted with a bit of snow, Duncan Nagle went outside and recreated a skiing trip. Are those ski poles legit? Take a closer look guys! Well done Duncan and thanks for the laughs, brilliant!

Winners, please drop me an email so we can arrange your prize. We’ll be taking a one week break from the challenges, so the next challenge will commence in March, after Mobile World Congress.