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Nokia Gear at MWC 2013 round-up

At the Mobile World Congress this year, not only have we welcomed two new Nokia Lumia smartphones to the family, the Nokia Gear team has also announced some exciting new accessories; including additional shells for the Nokia Lumia 520, and a wireless charging cover for the Nokia Lumia 720. And best of all – a wireless charging car holder!

Nokia Wireless Charging Car Holder – for the Nokia Lumia 920, Lumia 820, and the Lumia 720.


Known as the CR-200, this phone holder can be mounted on the dashboard or windscreen of your car and can be used in either a horizontal or vertical position – much like any other phone holder.

However, to save you time and hassle from fumbling for the power cable in the footwell, wireless charging is incorporated right into the design. You can leave the holder plugged into the power outlet, as you’re unlikely to be removing that as often as you would the phone. That means all you need to do the next time you sit in the driver’s seat, is slot in your phone to charge.

Additionally, the holder contains an NFC-tag that’s capable of launching predefined apps on your phone. For example, you can choose to automatically launch HERE Drive when you attach your phone – easy!

Retailing at around €69, the CR-200 comes in black and will be available from April 2013.

Nokia Wireless Charging Cover – for the Nokia Lumia 720.

720 wireless

Even though we’ve just announced the Nokia Lumia 720, we’re also expanding people’s experiences with the new smartphone.

Should you want to wirelessly charge your new Nokia Lumia 720, then just clip the CC-3064. Now, when you want to charge your phone all you need to do is place the phone onto a wireless charger, such as the Nokia Wireless Charging Plate, or the Nokia Wireless Charging Pillow by Fatboy.

You can join the wireless charging revolution without forking out for a top-end smartphone. Nokia wants everybody to be able to experience this new, easy way of charging.

Retailing at around €29.90, the CC-3064 will be available in black, white, cyan, yellow and magenta  – Nokia’s signature colours – with a matte finish. These will be available from €29.90.

Nokia Shell – for the Nokia Lumia 520.


Nokia believes that everybody should be able to personalise their phone to suit their style – we’re all different.

Three additional shells for the Nokia Lumia 520 will be available in red, white and yellow.

The CC-3068 will cost around €9, with availability during Q2 of 2013.