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The Nokia Lumia 520 and Nokia Lumia 720 have understandably got a ton of coverage this week. However, let’s not forget that Nokia launched four devices at Mobile World Congress on Monday. The Nokia 301 might not equal the Lumia family in glam appeal, but that doesn’t mean it’s not getting some much-deserved praise. Quite the opposite, in fact. To see for yourself how this funky feature phone, created to help connect the next billion, have been received by some of the world’s best tech blogs and magazines, read on.

CNET: “What typifies a Nokia cell phone? Great call quality, strong industrial design, and battery life that goes forever. The new Nokia 301 promises all three, in a fresh range of bold colors.”

TechCrunch: “The Nokia 301 is an $85 feature phone with smartphone-style camera tricks.”




Engadget: On the Nokia 301 – “It will come with a 3.2MP camera with panorama mode, sequential shots and a clever little self-portrait mode that audibly prepares you for your next glamour selfie.”

FoneArena: “The Nokia 301 is not just a feature phone but a feature rich phone, made for the ever hungry budget user, wanting for more features with as little expenditure possible. According to us, the Nokia 301 fits that bill very well.”

The Nokia Blog: “The Nokia 301 is for more affordable Internet and email access, with camera experiences inspired by Nokia Lumia smartphones.”


Slash Gear:  “Lots of rather strange features equal one especially advanced low-end device. Instead of simply upgrading the smartphone lineup with features galore, Nokia’s decided to bring the lower end of great and bring it up further – inexpensive will continue to be cool.”

Tech Radar: “If you’re looking for a dirt cheap handset which will last you all month then the Nokia 105 or 301 could well be the back up phone you’ve always dreamed of.”

PC Mag: “The Nokia 301 is probably one of the nicest feature phones I’ve seen in quite some time…  Nokia has also put a lot more thought into the 301’s 3.2-megapixel camera than you’ll find in most feature phones.”


My Nokia Blog: “All in all this is a pretty impressive device and really super stylish in terms of design.”

Unleash The Phones: “Both phones, the Nokia 105 and Nokia 301, are really durable and built like tanks; Nokia never disappoints in this department.”

The hundreds of millions of people still in the market for feature phones like this will doubtless be very happy to read these quotes. But what about you? What most impresses you about the Nokia 301?