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Panorama: capturing the wider world

When it comes to stocking up your photographic app arsenal, Nokia’s Panorama app – exclusive to Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 smartphone owners – is a must have if you want to capture the wider picture.

Once installed, Panorama can be found either in the application list or under the Lenses section once you’ve loaded up the camera.

In terms of simplicity, this app couldn’t get any easier. You don’t need to waste time manually stitching any photos together; instead, Panorama does everything for you.

All you need to do is pick your subject and hold up your Nokia Lumia. Decide where you want the panorama to start from and then follow the onscreen visual guide.



Panorama takes a series of five shots in total, panning from left to right, so remember that when deciding where to start on your wide-screen photo.

After you’ve taken your first shot, a small dot will appear on the right-hand side of the screen encouraging you to chase it with your viewfinder. Align that dot with the circle in the middle of your screen and the app will automatically take the next photo. Continue this until you’ve captured your panoramic photo.

You don’t have to use all five frames; you can press the tick icon at any time to stop the process where it is.

With your wide-photo captured, it’ll automatically save to your Photos hub. However, if you want to interact with the photo some more, stay in the Panorama app interface.


Here’s a photo taken using Panorama. Click through for the larger image.

As nice as your panoramic photo may be, it might look better with some effects added to it. You can launch Creative Studio from within the photo and add any one of the filters available.

Sharing great photos is often the best part of taking a photo; you may want to share that moment with someone special, or all your Twitter followers. Select the share option in settings to send the photo via; Tap+Send, Messaging, email, rooms, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, OneNote and more.

Try Panorama now, for free.

Feel free to share any panoramas you may have taken with this app with us, using the comments section below.