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We’ve been listening, and we know you all love Instagram. The only way for us to show how much the Nokia community really care about bringing this world class app to Windows Phone, is by having a little fun and showing Instagram just how passionate you all are.



So on Monday the 4th March 2013, a preview of #2InstaWithLove app was released on the Windows Phone market place. The app allows Windows Phone users to have their voice heard so that instead of letters, chocolates, mix tapes or petitions (although very effective in some cases), the community can speak directly to Instagram and the Instagram community in a way they can respect…through the use of beautiful photography.

The app allows you to take photos, add a classic Polaroid filter to them and post them to your social networks with the hashtag #2InstaWithLove.

So to get involved and download the app here or use the QR code below!