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March 8, 2013

Typing on One of the Thinnest Keyboards in the World

A full size keyboard equipped with pressure sensing technology that is so lightweight it’s known as one of the thinnest keyboards in the world, that’s what we wanted to create for you. We were sitting in a room all asking ourselves the same question, “How do we create the thinnest possible full size keyboard to help people have something that’s beautiful and personable, but also give them the ability to be productive while they’re on the go?” The end result as you now know is the Touch Cover for Microsoft Surface.


This is the inside of our early pressure sensitive full keyboards prototypes.

The pressure sensing input technology used in the Touch Covers allows you to type more fluidly and faster than you would be able to on an on screen keyboard. A technology that’s never been used like this before, these keyboards can sense weighted pressure as keys are selected. Simply align your fingers on the keys as you would on any other keyboard and apply pressure with your fingers to the letters or symbols you desire. See those letters and icons appear immediately on your Surface screen.

Did you know that the Touch Cover, in addition to being a full size keyboard, can serve as a protective cover for your Surface too? We have included a really cool spill resistant feature to the Touch Cover, where if your three year old daughter accidentally spills her juice on your Touch Cover you can quickly wipe it up without having to replace your keyboard. We knew that integrating a protective element to the Touch Covers was important for you, ensuring that your Surface’s screen is protected.

In the spirit of keeping things as straightforward as possible, including a trackpad was a key element in the design of these Touch Covers. Navigate your Surface with ease simply by moving your finger and clicking. You can switch between programs, right click to a new browser tab, and copy and paste with ease.


An early prototype of Touch Cover featuring tactile surface material.

Our Touch Covers are available in five colors, cyan, red, magenta, black, and white (check your local retailers). In selecting these colors we went back to our original question, wanting to provide you with something that could help you feel stylish with something that is personable and fun. We knew including black and white would be helpful for those who wanted to keep it simple and straightforward. For the bright and colorful personality, we included our fun colors of red, magenta and cyan. All of these brightly colored Touch Covers are interchangeable and can be used on both Surface RT and Pro.

The end result of our initial question is the Touch Cover that you see here, a full size keyboard with a track pad that all together weighs less than half a pound. Simply click in your Touch Cover to your Surface and you’ll be ready to achieve more with something that’s fun and beautiful.

P.S. Take a look at our current Limited Edition Touch Covers and get the story behind the designs we used. There are still a few of these one of a kind designs available, get them while you can!