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I’ve spent far too long playing games on my Nokia Asha 205 over the past month. The games are all part of the EA Games Gift that come with most Asha handsets, and there are 40 titles to choose from. Once you’ve downloaded them, they’re yours to keep forever. Out of all the games on offer, 10 stood out for me, and you can check out the first five of my favourites here.

That still leaves another five games though. All of the titles are part of the EA Games Gift, saving Nokia owners anywhere up to £4 per app, and I was amazed at the quality on offer. Read on to find out what else makes the list alongside the likes of FIFA 12 and Worms 2010. 



If you like Tetris, there’s a huge chance you’ll love Bejeweled too. Another fast-paced puzzle game, Bejeweled is a title that puts gameplay above all else, and once I’d picked it up for a few photographs, I found that I was still playing it for ‘just another five minutes’ half an hour later!


Monopoly Here and Now

Board games don’t always translate well into digital titles, but there’s a lot of fun to be had from Monopoly Here and Now. Everything you’ve come to expect from the traditional game is present and correct, but prices and locations have been brought up to date (it’s a bit of a shock to be forking out £1m in fees!), and there are lots of nice animations to jazz the game up. As always though, it’s the satisfying feeling of conning your rival out of money that makes Monopoly entertaining, and it’s just as much fun on an Asha 205 as it is on the original board game.


The Sims 2 Castaway

The Sims has proved incredibly popular whatever the platform, and it’s difficult to imagine that it’ll be any different on the Nokia Asha. As the title suggests, this time your sim is castaway on an island, and the game is every bit as good as it’s always been. You can collect items, explore, meet other sims and your character will tell you when they’re hungry, need sleep or have other desires. It’s fun, it looks great and it’s well worth downloading for your Asha.


Medal of Honor

The games on offer from EA aren’t just restricted to sports or puzzle games either, with plenty of action titles on offer. Medal of Honor stood out for me, where you’re in charge of a soldier deployed to Afghanistan. The action is fast-paced, the graphics are brilliant considering the small display, and Medal of Honor is another great game. 


Need for Speed The Run

As a driving game Need for Speed The Run won’t appeal to everybody, and it’s not quite as impressive as some of the other titles here. I’m a petrolhead through-and-through though, so it was always going to be on my list, and it’s a fun way of passing the time.

Have you claimed your free EA Games Gift on your Asha? What are your favourite games?