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New protective shell for the Nokia Lumia 620

Creating the perfect phone to meet the needs of everybody is a challenge, but one that’s worth taking. That’s why Nokia has created a protective shell for the Lumia 620, to shield your phone in many environments.

Rather than make the typical clip-on case, or carry pouch to put your phone into, the Nokia Lumia 620 protective shell (CC-3061) replaces the existing back cover:

“The Nokia Lumia 620 is such a beautiful device, we wanted to honour the design of the phone while maintaining the same shape and design that fits perfectly in the hand.”

Tells Harri Vuolle, Lumia Product Manager at Nokia.

While maintaining the beautiful look of the device from the outside, this new shell has been constructed to look after the inside of the phone, too.

With IP54 certification, the protective shell has been certified to improve protection against dust and splashes of water. For anyone needing or just wanting extra shield for their phone, this replaceable shell is a one to have.


Harri explains more:

“The protective shell improves the dust and splash protection. The gaps between the camera window and the shell as well as the display and the shell are better sealed, and the mesh that covers the loudspeaker is denser, making it harder for water or dust to get in.”

Just like the other Nokia Lumia 620 replaceable shells, the protective shell has been cast using a dual-shot process. The interior shell is created using a polycarbonate that’s fairly rigid, and the exterior is made of TPSiV, which is more flexible, rubber-like material.


The combination of both of these materials provides a more flexible plastic; one that’s solid enough to take the forces that your phone may be subjected to, but soft and elastic enough to provide some give when it’s needed.

Having a softer exterior also provides a great grip in the hand, it’s almost ‘sticky’ as it provides a certain amount of resistance – it feels almost like a natural material.

When the protective shell is attached to the Lumia 620, the rubber-like material wraps around the front slightly, more so than the non-protective shell. This raised ‘lip’ protects the screen more if phone is accidentally dropped.

“While the protective shell does not make your Lumia 620 indestructible or 100% waterproof, it’s ideal for people who enjoy active lifestyle where working up a sweat, getting caught up in a rain or dropping the phone can be a regular occurrence. It’s also suits people who want to use their smartphone at work, even if it’s a dusty, damp environment.” Harri explains.

It’s also just good protection for the general day-to-day mishaps, and because it replaces the existing shell you don’t sacrifice any of the beautiful design.

Available in grey with grey exterior and yellow interior, you’ll be able to purchase the shell at the end of this month, depending on the market. The recommended retail price is around 25 EUR.

Image credits: expom2uk, laszlo-photo.