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Play To

Nokia’s media sharing application, Play To, is now available for your Nokia Lumia smartphone running on Windows Phone 8.

It’s still just a beta release but it has all the same functionality that the Play To application offers for Lumia devices on Windows Phone 7.

Play To

This means you can now share media content from your smartphone to other DLNA capable devices that are connected to the same wireless network.

For example, you can stream photos, music or videos from your Nokia Lumia to a DLNA-enabled TV. You don’t need any cables or go through a complicated connection procedure.

Play To can also work with Windows Media Player on your PC.

From one screen to another

We tried Play To on a Nokia Lumia 800 last year and it was mightily impressive. It was quick to set up and easy to use. What you see or hear on your Lumia smartphone is mirrored on the DLNA-enabled player.

Quite often you only ever see your photos or videos on your smartphone display, so it has real impact when you see them on a large TV screen.

Play To

Streaming a music or video works brilliantly too and is a great way of sharing content from your smartphone with friends in the same room.

You don’t have to pass your device to everyone in turn or get everyone to crowd around for a peak of the action.

Play To for WP8

This version of Play To will work on all Nokia Lumia devices running on Windows Phone 8. Prior, to installing Play To on your device it is recommended that you check that your smartphone is running the latest software.

You can download and install Play To from Nokia Betalabs and don’t forget to leave your feedback for the team.