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Sports car

To coincide with the imminent return of Formula 1, our Asha App Spotlight this week shines upon the official BBC Top Gear News app.

While the TV show, and its three curmudgeonly presenters, are not to everyone’s tastes there is no doubt that it has a massive and devoted worldwide fanbase. One estimate suggests that 350 million people in 170 countries watch Top Gear every week!

What cannot be disputed is that the people behind Top Gear know, and love, their cars. As you would expect all this enthusiasm and expertise is fully reflected in this app.

BBC Top Gear News is split into three different sections:

  • The latest motoring news
  • Behind the scenes at the TV Show
  • Car reviews

It’s very neatly laid out and the simple navigation means that you are never more than a couple of clicks away from one section to another.

BBC Top Gear News

In addition the app, provides links to their pages on Facebook, Twitter, their website and the Top Gear shop.

It’s a particularly good time to be using this app, as it’s the Geneva Motor Show this month. I can attest that the app was regularly updated with a constant trickle of latest news, feature-length articles and photos from this showpiece event.

If you’re a serious motorhead then you’ll also appreciate the reviews section. From scrolling through the list, it seems they concentrate rather more on supercars than your average family-friendly hatchbacks but it’s more entertaining that way, isn’t it?

World’s most popular factual show

I know plenty of people who don’t care about cars but who are still avid Top Gear fans.

This phenomenon is often attributed to the on-screen chemistry of the presenters and the high production values of the films. When you’re watching a race between a fighter plane and a sports car, you know that no expense has been spared.

I think the real strength of this app is the behind the scenes at Top Gear articles. Here’s a flavour of some of the latest content in this section:

  • Producer Andy Wilman on their latest ‘Africa’ special
  • Feature on actor James McAvoy during his Top Gear Lap
  • Updates from Top Gear USA
  • A special preview of upcoming shows

These all serve to underline why Top Gear is so popular – it’s a big club for people who love cars, and taking you behind the scenes makes you feel like a member.

If I had one gripe about this app, then it would be that it doesn’t include any video content.

That aside, if you like cars and you like Top Gear, then you’ll want to install this on your Nokia Asha device straight away.