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Nokia Asha 311

When it comes to smartphone names, you’ll be hard pressed to find one more apt than Asha. The Hindi word for hope, the Asha family of phones has been especially created for those people aspiring to enjoy smartphone functionality at an affordable price. The Asha 311 does this in a host of wonderful ways. To see for yourself check out these ten Asha facts and features you probably didn’t know about.

1. It has a 3-inch scratch resistant capacitive glass screen with polarization filters. This means you’re guaranteed a silky smooth and accurate touch screen experience and you can read it in the sun. Double win!


2. The Asha 311 is powered by a 1GHz processor with  Wi-Fi, 3G and HSPA, for a surprisingly zippy performance.

3. If you love gaming you’re in for a treat. The Asha 311 comes pre loaded with fifteen levels of everyone’s favourite game, Angry Birds.

Angry Birds on Asha 311

4. And if that wasn’t good enough, the Asha 311 comes with an exclusive EA games gift worth €75. It enables you to download 40 EA games titles including classics like Need for Speed The Run and Bejeweled.

5. If you’re anything like us, you like to get the low down on what’s up with your friends and family. The Asha 311 sates our craving for this connection with social apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Chat, GTalk, Yahoo and MSN etc.

Nokia Asha 311
Nokia Asha 311

6. We all love mobile surfing. Happily the Asha 311 has a cloud accelerated Nokia Browser, which is up to five times faster and uses up to 90% less data than other smartphones. Pretty nifty.

7. In some markets, you can also discover, share and get to where you want to go easier with Nokia Maps preloaded.

8. To keep you entertained while out and about, the Asha 311 has a Music Player, FM Radio and Internet Radio. It’s also really simple to plug and play to your PC to transfer  music and other files.

9.Thanks to Facebook and Twitter being preloaded, it’s super easy to stay super social with the Asha 311.

Twitter on the Nokia Asha 311

10. There’s nothing worse than your smartphone losing power on you. Thankfully, the Asha 311 has an incredible 29 days standby and 14hrs talk time.

Know any other interesting facts or features about the Asha 311? We’d love to hear about them in the comments below.