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LevelUp Signage

Have you ever used LevelUp? It’s a convenient service for making payments with your phone and is great for consumers who want to be rewarded for making routine payments.

Here’s how LevelUp works – first you sign up at and link a credit or debit card with the service. Then, in cities where businesses have LevelUp payment terminals, you load the app on your phone and the terminal scans a QR code. Your credit card is billed and, over time, you get rewards.

The payment process is handy – and fast as well. LevelUp’s Matt Kiernan told me that the average LevelUp transaction takes a mere 9 seconds, where credit card payments take up to 15 seconds and cash is about a 20-second transaction.


Rewarding consumers, benefiting business

The LevelUp service allows merchants to run loyalty campaigns. For example, for every $30 spent, you get $3 back. Another campaign might be to give $5 off any transaction for a new customer. In addition to rewarding customers, LevelUp offers these benefits to businesses:

  • A flat 2 percent payment-processing fee, which is much lower than traditional processing fees for credit cards.
  • Campaigns to help grow the business. LevelUp has data on the spend and activity of your customers. Using this data, your business can run campaigns to promote behavior.

At the recent South By Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas, Nokia and LevelUp blanketed the Austin Convention Center with LevelUp terminals and Nokia Lumia 920s to demonstrate the service to new and existing LevelUp users.


To prompt new LevelUp activations, new users received $5 to spend in the convention center. The campaign worked – more than 50 percent of folks who made one transaction using LevelUp returned to make another.

New LevelUp app on the way
Rather than a glitzy or gimmicky marketing campaign, LevelUp and Nokia took over the payment process at SXSW.  Each vendor stand and payment location featured banners where the Nokia Lumia 920 was on display with the LevelUp app launched and ready. LevelUp employees had Nokia Lumia 920s to show off the phone and how easy it was to use the LevelUp app to make a quick payment.

Kiernan says SXSW goers loved the Nokia Lumia 920 and found the phone and LevelUp app easy to use. Also, LevelUp users on Lumia can look forward to an upcoming version of the app that will feature a Live Tile that will display businesses around you where you can use LevelUp to pay.