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Pirates of the Caribbean

This week’s Asha App Spotlight is a theme park ride turned Hollywood blockbuster, which is now a popular mobile game. I’m talking, of course, about Captain Jack Sparrow and his seafaring adventures.

In Pirates of the Caribbean (free) you are Jack Sparrow and the aim is to get back control of his ship, the Black Pearl, and make your way to the Cave of Treasures.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Of course, along the way, you are fighting with enemies, overcoming tricky obstacles, searching for treasure and fending off attacks on the ship from the Royal Navy and other pirates. 

If you like your platform games with a great storyline then Pirates of the Caribbean will be right down your street. There’s lots of jumping, swinging, running and sword-fighting action. In fact, there’s only one word that will suffice: swashbuckling.

You don’t really need to have seen the films to enjoy this game but I imagine your familiarity with these characters can only enhance the experience. 

If you enjoyed playing Pirates of the Caribbean then you may be interested in the interview we did with its developer, Indiagames, at Mobile World Congress a few weeks ago. 

Oddly, this is the first time we have featured a game in the Asha App spotlight series. Of course, there is a fabulous range of games available in the Nokia Store and don’t forget about the 40 free EA Games for every new Asha owner.