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One thing about the Nokia Lumia family that never ceases to amaze us is how much creativity it inspires. To celebrate this (and to give us a fantastic excuse to surf the web) we’ll be putting together a weekly showcase of all the coolest Lumia themed videos we’ve discovered. This week’s fantastic five are as multifaceted and colourful as the Lumia itself.  To see for yourself, scroll on down.

Wide Web World

First up, “Wide Web World” is a stunning video created entirely by using the satellite images from Nokia’s HERE Maps 3D. Directed by Vimeo user Paul Wex, who also did the music for the piece, “World” it showcases amazing views from around the world, as seen through the eye of the app. All we can say is wow!

A hip hop surprise

If you’re a professor of hip hop the likelihood is you’re used to unusual days. But Portuguese musical academic, Bruno, had no idea his commute to work was going to be interrupted by a set put together by his idol DJ Ride. All caught in true candid camera style on a Nokia Lumia 920.

Jeremy’s secret

Fan videos done well are always epic and this one by Thom Starks had us grinning from ear to ear. Jeremy it seems has exceptionally good taste in smartphones for one so young.

 Low light lovers

Okay, so we know the Windows Phone Challenge has been around a while, but this brand new version hammers home  exactly why Nokia Lumia lovers love low light so much.  

The most awesome unboxing video ever

There have been quite literally thousands of unboxing videos made. None, however, have ever been as awesome as this one for the Nokia Lumia 920.  A bold claim? Click play to have your mind blown.

That’s this weeks round of Lumia lushness. If you’ve found any other video gems be sure to share in the comments below.  Who knows they might just make it into next week’s fantastic five.