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We asked and once again you guys delivered! The latest #NokiaLumiaChallenge is going down a storm with over 2,000 mix suggestions made so far. That’s a lot of mixes to listen to and a lot of crazy clashes that are sure to blow my eardrums as I search for the perfect combination.

While I try and listen to all the entries, here’s a few that have caught my…ears so far:

Ayush came up with the Crazy P’s Pixie Lott>Pitbull>PSY

(he also inventedĀ a ‘rainbow mix’ to celebrate the colours of Nokia Yellowcard>Aqua>P!nk)

Justo, like so many of you, took 3 vastly contrasting genres and came up with Pavarotti>Kanye>Deadmau5

There was some clever work by Simon who suggested a few mixes – the first letters of the artists spelled….well, I’ll let you work it out for yourselves:

N*Sync>Oasis>KISS Incubus>A-Ha>Latryx UB40>Madonna>Iron Maiden Apocalyptica>911>2Pac ZZ Top>Empire Records>Outkast (to spell ZERO) – now that’s a playlist that is likely to blow your mind!

Keep the coming – you have until midnight GMT on Tuesday 26th March, so get browsing Nokia Music and see if you can come up with *crazier* mixes than those I just listed. Then pop them on Twitter using #NokiaLumiaChallenge.