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The Nokia Asha 205 is a great mobile phone when it comes to social networking and keeping in touch with your friends, but the affordable QWERTY handset also has another trick up its sleeve. Along with the integrated Facebook app, the Asha 205 features a camera that’s optimised to take full advantage of social networking. Read on for some top tips on taking and sharing your photographs using the Nokia Asha 205.

Pick up the Nokia Asha 205 and it’s apparent that this is a great phone if you want to enjoy social networks. There’s a button on the front to launch Facebook without delay, and the QWERTY keypad makes light work of status updates and messages.

The Asha 205 is also a useful device when it comes to sharing your images using Facebook. Photographs that you take using the Asha 205 are automatically configured to a resolution of 480 x 640 pixels, so they’ll appear without distortion on your Facebook timeline and your friends’ news feeds.


It’s easy to upload your photographs to Facebook, too. Click on the Facebook button to get started.  Once you’ve opened the app, you can take new photographs and upload them straight to Facebook.  

To take a photograph, click on the camera icon at the top right of the Facebook homescreen. As soon as you’ve taken the photograph you want to share, click ‘Done’. If you’re not happy with it, click ‘Retake’. Once you’re happy, you can add a message to go along with the photograph. The photograph and update will both appear on your Facebook wall and news feeds, and uploading is quick and easy.

There are a few things you can do to make your Facebook photographs even better when you’re using the Nokia Asha 205. Here are some of things I found the most useful:


Keep still
This isn’t just our advice: open up the camera function in the Nokia Asha 205 and you’ll be told to ‘keep still’. This will help to keep your images as blur-free and sharp as possible, so it’s advice well worth following.

Shoot outdoors
The Nokia Asha 205’s natural habitat is the great outdoors, where it can take advantage of all the light on offer. The brighter the conditions, the more chance you’ll have of taking the perfect photographs, with your subjects bathed in light.

Stay near windows or bright lights
Sometimes you’ll still want to take snaps indoors with your Nokia Asha 205 though. When you do, remember to stay near windows or make sure you’re shooting where the lights are bright – the Asha 205 doesn’t have a flash, so needs all the light you can provide.


Photograph static or slow moving objects
It’s important to keep still when you’re taking photographs, but you can also boost your chances of the perfect snap by photographing static or slow moving objects. You’ll still be able to shoot fast moving subjects if you’re quick enough, but it’s a lot easier if you can get your subject to hold still!