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Nokia Apps Madness Utilities and Productivity


It’s the last day of the first round of March Apps Madness. So far, we’ve seen voting on gaming, social, and news + entertainment applications.

Today, we start voting on the next batch of our apps with Utilities and Productivity apps. These apps help us get through our day with ease, from lighting our way in the dark to making sure we’re on task with our projects.

If you need to research your choice and study the form, visit the Windows Phone Store – and remember, you can try the apps before you buy on a Nokia Lumia phone.

Under each pairing, select your favorite among the two choices below. We’ll take it from there.


Flashlight-x is claimed by its developers to be the only true and fastest flashlight app that uses phone’s LED flash to light up constantly. Flashlight-x is a utility tool that turns on instantly when you launch your app and does not change your screen’s image to give an illusion of light unlike other apps. It provides constant light without flickering!

– Uses Camera’s LED flash.

– Turns on INSTANTLY!

– FASTEST turn on time.

– NO flickering with NEW version!

– Flashlight-X icon looks great on your Start screen.

– Disables screen lock when the flash is ON!

– Runs under the lock.

– Use camera button to turn on/off.

– Shake the phone to turn on/off.

– SOS mode for emergency situations.

Connectivity Shortcuts

Connectivity Shortcuts allows you to easily access your Wifi, Bluetooth, Cellular, Airplane Mode and Location settings. It also allows you to place shortcuts to each of those directly on your startscreen (you will be taken to the according setting screens).

– 4 icon styles to choose from

– Editable Live Tile text

– Tile background can be chosen from all WP7 standard accent colors

Wifi and Cellular settings can display the current state (enabled/disabled) on their respective Live Tiles (updated only when backing out of settings, not when using the Start-Button).

Postcard on the Run

Instantly create and mail real photo postcards directly from your Windows Phone from $.99 cents to $1.69 with Postcard On The Run. Just snap, tap and send anywhere in the world! Postcard with Video – Why is it cool? Snap, Tap and Send a photo…but now you can record a short video to tell the story behind that postcard photo for free.

 They handle printing, postage and delivery. Easily personalize with your own photo, message, and signature. They’ll even find missing addresses for you. “No Address? No Problem(™). Share memories the old-fashioned way, with real photo keepsakes your friends and family can hold close to their hearts. 


One of the first Windows Phone 8 Lenses specifically designed for the photography professional! Unleash the full potential of your phone’s camera with the ProShot camera OS, and discover new creative possibilities with Auto, Program, Manual, and two Custom modes, with the ability to manually adjust:

– Shutter Speed


– White Balance

– Exposure Compensation

– Focus

– Flash

– Aspect Ratio

– AF Assist Lamp



With 5GB free, Box makes it easy to access and edit your files, share content and stay connected with your team from anywhere on any device.

* Share important files with your co-workers

* Have your presentation at your fingertips

* Comment on documents on the go

* View updates to your spreadsheet instantly

Box allows you to do all these things and more! More than 120,000 companies – including 92percent of the Fortune 500, rely on Box for simple, secure content sharing.


AppoinTile allows you to replace the standard calendar tile with a tile designed to give you much more information about your upcoming agenda. How? By being able to see up to four upcoming appointments, thus maximizing the space on your start screen and filling it up with more valuable agenda information.

 And on your lockscreen?

 Yes, you can have them on your lockscreen too! But not only that, it works as a meeting assistant giving you handy information about your current meeting, with features such as in-meeting reminders, running late, email attendees, get directions, dial conference number, etc. 

Battery Level for WP8 

Battery Level for WP8

Battery Level just got better! The app provides a “missing feature” of Windows Phone 8 – the battery level percentage on the main screen and the lock screen. Pin the app to see Live Tile with battery status and remaining charge percentage on Windows Phone 8 main screen and lock screen.

There’s a free, unlimited trial with all basic features from the original app.


Camper brings Basecamp, a leading web-based project collaboration tool, to Windows Phone devices. View projects, send messages, set milestones, meet deadlines, and get stuff done. Camper was designed for use with your phone; it’s easy to interact with while on the go. It supports offline mode and other cool features like account and project pinning.