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March 27, 2013

Meet Skateboarder and Journalist Arian Chamasmany

Life is about learning, having fun, and trying new things. When you’re busy, on the go, and always moving, having a device that helps enhance your creativity can make all the difference. Surface allows for just that, it enables people like you and like skateboarder and journalist, Arian Chamasmany, to go out and do exactly what you’re passionate about. From writing on the go to easily recording videos, you can do that with Surface.

Skateboarding since his early teens; Arian believes in living in the moment and appreciating life. Being an athlete, it’s powerful for Arian to take out his Surface and easily set it up to capture video wherever he’s skating. He feels his creativity is fresh when he’s able record video on the go. Whether he’s by the beach practicing a new trick or using his skateboard as a quick desk, Surface enables Arian to keep things moving throughout his day. Surface’s durability is an important quality for someone like Arian who’s constantly on the go. The portability of Surface allows Arian to stay true to what he believes, “about going out there and experiencing.”

Arian gave us a look into what he is doing with his Surface to enable his passion and creativity. Share with us what you would go do with your Surface to drive your passions. (Perhaps you want to write a book, produce a song or capture special videos.)

Surface is there for you to click in and do more and to inspire your interests.