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Nokia Lumia 720

In our last poll, we asked if there was one single unique feature that you loved the most about your Nokia Lumia smartphone.

The choices we gave you were based on a recent interview we did with Pekka Horo, who looks after Nokia’s global business management of smart devices.

Pekka identified the five areas that made Lumia smartphones stand out from the crowd and this is how you voted on them. 

Which unique Lumia feature do you value the most?

Poll results

Your comments

While the results may suggest that it was fairly convincing victory for design and colour, many of you posted comments to say that it was a fairly difficult decision to make.

Of course, it’s bringing all these differentiators together that make Nokia Lumia smartphones such an attractive and compelling proposition.

There was also one other key element that many of you wanted to point out: Nokia itself.

Thomas Kalhauge

“You are missing one unique Lumia feature and that is Nokia…what made me buy a 920 was the little sign Nokia on it.”


“U R right the name Nokia is what made me buy my 920. I have been buying Nokia phones for the last 20yrs. Locked or unlocked, it’s just something about the build quality.” 


“Everything from design, quality of build, hardware specs and most of all that little Nokia logo which is my favourite since the Nokia 5110!”

Thanks for these great comments and also to everyone who took part in our poll.

poll results