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Temple Run, the smash hit arcade game, is now available on the Windows Phone Store for your Nokia Lumia.

In case you have only recently escaped from a remote temple and have missed this gaming phenomenon, in Temple Run you err… escape from a remote temple the only way you know how – by running and jumping.

It’s an endless running game, in which you swipe the screen to turn, jump and slide under obstacles. Evil monkeys are at your heels, so there’s no stopping for breath. It’s the sort of game that leaves you shaking and exhausted after just a few minutes’ play.

Along the way, you collect coins which can unlock power-ups and new characters, enhancing the game’s replay value.



The game is also notable from a development perspective, since it’s one of the first games on Windows Phone to use the Unity platform. Unity was used for the development of titles like Shadowgun, Dead Trigger and Triple Town. Support for many different devices and operating systems makes it a favourite for developers seeking to release their games across multiple platforms.

Temple Run is out now, for free, so grab it from the Store and let us know what you think.