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If you’re looking for a Nokia Lumia, you’ve now got more to choose from than ever before.

The question is, which member of the world’s most innovative family of smartphones do you go for? There’s tons of reviews, comparisons, unboxing of each and every one, but if you want a quick sense of what the interweb’s best tech blogs think of the Nokia Lumia 620, look no further.

The Gadget Show

“Put simply, this is the best budget smartphone we’ve ever tested.”

PC Pro

“We’ve been impressed with the design and build quality of Nokia’s latest Lumias, and the 620 is no exception. Build quality is on a par with Nokia’s more upmarket Windows Phone handsets, and it shares many of its design cues with the Lumia 820.”



“Nokia*s Lumia 620 is arguably the most balanced device in the company’s current line-up, and it makes a case for being the best mainstream smartphone on the market today.”


“The bundled Nokia apps help it stand out…thanks to the thoroughly decent Nokia Drive sat nav service and Nokia Music, which has all the features you’d expect of a music player along with free radio mixes.”

Nokia Lumia 620


“Removable covers, a sturdy feeling device, reasonable price and a solid operating system. It’s all here.”

GSM Arena

“The 5 MP camera and microSD card support are a welcome bonus, but it’s the dual-core Krait chip and ClearBlack 3.8″ display that shine the most, while the colorful and almost unibody-like chassis sets it apart in a crowd.”

Nokia Lumia 620

WP Central

“We’ll just flat out say it: We love the Lumia 620.”


“We’re very impressed with the Nokia Lumia 620…it offers decent performance combined with all the inherent business features of Windows Phone 8 to buyers on a budget.”

“Nokia is obviously targeting the youth market with its Lumia 620 – just look at those colourful cases, the lower price tag and the 100-decibel speaker. But don’t just write it off as a kids’ handset – because the 620 is actually a very slick device… and its performance is possibly the best of any of the Lumia phones.”



“Is this the best bang-for-your-buck Windows Phone we’ve ever seen? We think it might be.”

We’re happy to see we’re not the only ones loved up with the Nokia Lumia 620. Still, we never tire of hearing people’s opinions, so if you’d like to share your thoughts on this bold beauty, please get writing.