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No generation in history has created or had access to more videos than us. 60 hours of video are uploaded every minute to YouTube, and over four billion videos are viewed every day. We’re not sure how many of those are to do with Nokia Lumias, but judging from our weekly surfing, it’s increasing all the time. To see for yourself, check out  this week’s round up of Lumia themed videos where we listen to some top tunes, throw some hoops and see Sweden in a whole new light.

The Nokia Lumia 920 anthem

The Nokia Lumia 920 launch video has been watched nearly 2.5 million times in the last six months. Other than the fact it brilliantly showcases the world’s most innovative smartphone, it’s also accompanied by an incredibly cool tune. This week (better late than never) we stumbled across the original from Brooklyn based band, CREEP.


Stockholm by boat

If you ever wanted to see how good a video camera the Nokia Lumia 920 is filmmaker Lee Righini is your man. The talented movie magician, based in Finland, recently filmed the Burton Open Snowboarding Championships entirely on a Nokia Lumia 920. To see how it fared in a more casual environment, he took it with him for a weekend trip to Stockholm. The end result was very cool in more ways than one.

Going Pro with the Nokia Lumia 920

Okay, we admit it. Here at Nokia Conversations, the closest most of us get to extreme sports is arm wrestling over the latest Nokia Gear accessory. Nonetheless, we still appreciate the skill, courage and devil-may-care attitude extreme sports enthusiasts display. That’s why we’re so engrossed by this video by FoneArena’s Michael Hell. It features his buddy, with a GoPro harness, a mountain bike and a Nokia Lumia 920. Hold onto your seats!

LE55ONS in disassembly

Although this video is a lot less high speed, it’s no less frightening to anyone with a Nokia Lumia 820 and butter fingers.  Le55ons is a YouTube channel dedicated to taking apart different smartphones. In this video they tackle the Nokia Lumia 820. This is definitely not something we’d recommend, but for the more techie minded Lumia lover it’s fascinating viewing nonetheless.

 Grant Hills scores with the Nokia Lumia 920

Finally, if you’re into basketball, you’ll probably know Grant Hill. The Los Angles Clippers player has been there and done that in a career spanning nearly twenty years. Now’s he made a play for the Nokia Lumia 920. To see what’s got him jumping for joy about his Lumia, check out the last video in this week’s round up.

Five very different videos, but which did you find most impressive, surprising or interesting? As ever, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.