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Nokia Music

Nokia Music is on a path of continual evolution, with new features and content being added all the time. Nokia keeps listening to direct consumer testing and feedback, as well as analytics from how the app is used in real life, to prioritise improvements around the people that love and use the service most.

So what’s new in the latest release of Nokia Music?

There is the gorgeous new Live Tile. This looks fantastic and provides live information about the music you’re playing without having to do anything. It’s another great reason for people to keep the app pinned to their home screen – big, beautiful and easy!

David Fishlock, on the development team, implemented this feature based on his own Music Wallpaper app (which is available here in the Windows Phone Store).

Second, there’s now the ability to capture your music history, including MP3s on your phone. What was that great track you heard last night? Now you can find the answer simply.

A great existing feature in the service comes when you add your personal music catalogue to your Nokia Lumia – Nokia Music pulls in a wealth of information like artwork and artist bios, also suggesting mixes you will like to help you discover great new tracks and artists for free.  You can now rewind and fast-forward when playing tracks from your own collection.

Nokia Music

 Nokia Music

With the latest release, you will also find:

Improved Downloading and Performance of Mixes

The automatic screen lock on the phone is disabled when downloading mix radio stations, ensuring downloads complete in a single operation. Mix radio stations will also start playing more quickly when selected.

Voucher Redemption

Music vouchers can now be redeemed using NFC tags and QR codes making the music discovery process more efficient and speedy.

The latest update for Nokia Music is available now for Nokia Lumia Smartphones.

Happy listening!