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Customisation has been a key part of Nokia design philosophy for decades. Hardly surprising, then, that we’re such ardent fans of Windows Phone Live Tiles. Not only are they a great way to organise your life, they’re also fantastically easy to personalise. In fact, they’re so pleasing to the eye that more and more people are creating unique Start screen works of art.

One great site that launched this year to showcase this ever-increasing passion for “start art” is Here you’ll see hundreds of stunning Start screens fashioned with a real passion. To see what’s possible, we’ve unearthed some true gems.

The Space look by El Claudio

Screen Shot 2013-04-05 at 01.18.12

The Gentleman Stormtrooper look by Marc


The Lucky Glover look by Steven



The Fizzing Firework look by André



The Dr Who look by Billy


We think these designs rock and have all been shamed into trying something more inventive on our own Nokia Lumias. If you want to join us, or consider yourself something of a master of start art, why not check out the Nokia Lumia Start Screen Challenge. All you have to do is post your Start Screen and explain how you’ve used your expertise to customise it to fit your specific lifestyle, some of its unique features and how you created it.

Alternatively, inspire us by sharing your top customisation tips in the comments below.

Image credit: Magnetbox