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How many tunes do you have on your phone? A hundred, a thousand, five thousand? If you’ve got a Nokia Lumia, with Nokia Music, you’ll have access to over 20 million. And what about your computer or laptop? Probably thousands more. Unless you burn those onto a CD, the likelihood is you rarely if ever listen to them on your stereo. But, if you get your hands on Nokia Wireless Music Receiver, that can all change.

We want wireless

When Nokia conducted a study a couple of years back last year, nearly 80% of people said they were interested in playing music from their handset on their home stereo. When you think about how much music we have digitally, it’s easy to see why. Imagine then, if you could plug in a small device into your stereo and suddenly turn that stereo into an amazing 21st century digital music machine.

Plug and play

The Nokia Wireless Music Receiver promises just that. It’s incredibly easy to set up. You need no software. All you do is plug it into your AC mains and the back of your stereo. Then, if you have a Nokia Lumia with NFC, you simply tap it to the receiver, and like magic, music will start playing. Otherwise, you long press its single button to pair it with your Bluetooth device.


Sounds as good as a CD

One reason that wireless receivers haven’t got the attention they deserve is people’s perception that devices are not up to the mark with regards to the signal, sound quality and range. To test the Nokia Wireless Music Receiver, Nokia commissioned DELTA SenseLab to check out its music quality. Surprisingly to some, the results showed that it’s just as good as wired CD sound.

Bigger range, better signal

Bluetooth has been evolving for over a decade. However, there’s no doubt that in the past its range used to be an issue. Thankfully, the Nokia Wireless Music Receiver has one of the most highly sensitive Bluetooth antennas ever. This means that you can have your phone or laptop up to 20 metres away from your stereo and still enjoy your tunes.

If you love your stereo, but find yourself using it less and less, the Nokia Wireless Music Receiver will put the spark back in your love affair. What’s more, it will free the music you on your hard drive and unleash your Nokia Lumia’s massive catalogue of tunes. But don’t take our word for it. Get connected and let us know what you think.