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As another seven days go whizzing by, we’ve been busy hunting out all the best Nokia Lumia inspired videos. Our fantastic five choices this week all feature the world’s most innovative smartphone, the Nokia Lumia 920. Perhaps unsurprisingly they focus on many of those unique features we love best, wireless charging, Optical Image Stabilization, imaging and cinemagraph. To see for yourself, head down south and click play.

Lumia boys in the hood

Recently Nokia, launched a cool competition asking Nokia employees to use their Nokia smartphones to make a Switch Pitch video. The response was incredible, with over three thousand people from four continents showcasing their creative and sales mastery. Alas there could only be one winner and that honour went to Ben G’s and his awesome Nokia Lumia 920 rap.

DIY wireless charging

Like pretty much ever one who uses it, we’re massive fans of wireless charging. If we had the chance we’d have a wireless charger everywhere we lay our phone. Well, now thanks to some handy work from one our favorite YouTube channels lobbamobba, it looks like that dream is coming closer to reality.

Pop goes the cinemagraph

Nacho Pop is an Australian DJ and dancer who’s been showcasing the cinemagraphic magic of the Nokia Lumia 920 on Australian TV. While we might not have his moves we certainly know how to make his magic.

Tip top tips

When it comes to imaging there are few smartphones more adept than the Nokia Lumia 920. But how do you get the best out this mobile photography masterpiece? One way is to check out The Nokia Blog’s Mark Guim’s handy tips video.

Start your OIS engines

Last, but by no means least, Eugen Diskin from Russian blog,  puts the Nokia Lumia 920’s Optical Image Stabilization to the test by pitting it against a Samsung Galaxy S4. Both smartphones are strapped onto a remote-controlled car, which is then towed, due to some unfortunate luck with the batteries. Despite or maybe because of this, the car combo makes for an interesting view and video

That’s this weeks round up of the Lumiatastic videos. We hope they entertained and educated you as much as us. If you’ve discovered any others that you think should be shared with the wider world, be sure to let us know down below.