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Finding fantastic new foot-tapping sing-along tunes is one of life’s great pleasures. In the past it’s not always been easy, but all that’s changed with digital music. Take Nokia Music with over 20 million totally free tracks for you to enjoy. There really is no easier way to discover something totally different.

The amazing, the unusual, the unknown

To celebrate the buzz of discovery Nokia Music recently launched a short film competition in collaboration with the Sundance London Film & Music Festival. The challenge to filmmakers was simple: Showcase the amazing, the unusual and the unknown music scenes in your cities. To do this they had to create a trailer for a short movie to be filmed on a Nokia Lumia 920.

World class wonders

Last week we announced the two lucky winners. However, here’s ten highly commended films that were so fantastic that we thought it only fair we share their work, too. So sit back, grab some popcorn and enjoy ten amazing insights into the sound of the underground.

Pico, The Caribbean Sound System – By Sergio Zaraza


Kids With A Dream – By Charlotte Regan


Hyderabad – Notes from the Underground – By Faiz Rai


1/2 Orchestra – by Ivan Otchik


Oulu Underground Music By Juho-Pekka Palomaa


Houston, Tale of One City By Eight Hour Films

Mumbai, Mumbai By Chaitanya Kulkarni


Stuck in Snowhere By Jussi Vataja


Philadelphia Underground Music By Brad Watts


The “Underground” Music of the New York City Subways By Jennifer Dean