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Music Mania

Playing musical instruments on your smartphone or feature phone is not the novelty it once was. However, this week’s Asha App Spotlight is such a delight to use that it makes the experience feel fresh and innovative all over again.

It’s a free app yet it has no adverts, comes with great features and has an authentic premium feel to it. If you have a Nokia Asha Touch device, then you need to download Music Mania right now!

The basic concept is simple enough: you use your touchscreen to play various musical instruments. In addition, you can record your compositions, take lessons for each instrument and also share your recorded pieces with friends on Facebook.

The four instruments in Music Mania are:

  • Piano
  • Flute
  • Drums
  • Jal Tarang 

The jal tarang is an Indian percussion instrument made up of several ceramic bowls that are filled with water. Melodic sounds are created when you strike the edge of each bowl with an implement. Of course, on this app you just tap one of the bowls on your Asha screen.

Playing Music Mania

Music Mania

Upon opening Music Mania you are greeted with a pleasant menu consisting of six icons. It is from here that you choose to play instruments, load a previous recording, have a music lesson or share a clip on Facebook. 

Tapping the icon with the musical symbol takes you to the heart of the app: playing instruments. By default it opens with the piano. Just tap the keys on the screen to start playing.

You will also notice some icons along the bottom of the display.  These enable you to switch between the different instruments and control the recording function. 

Even for someone like me, who has no musical talent whatsoever, Music Mania is incredibly intuitive and addictive.

The recording controls are simple to use: one button to play back, another to save and the record button also becomes the ‘stop record’ button.

While you can’t play two different instruments at the same time (unless you have two Asha devices) you can switch between instruments and record at the same time. So if you’re musically inclined you can have a drum fill to transition between a piano and flute…

Music lessons

Music Mania

Another nice feature about Music Mania are the music lessons. You can work your way through the notes for each instrument or learn how to play ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ on the piano, flute or jal tarang. You can even join in, while the app auto plays this popular children’s nursery rhyme.

Back on the main menu, you can tap the Facebook icon to share your recordings with friends on the social network. 

Music Mania has transformed the musical instrument experience on your Asha by adding a few clever features, using excellent design and being such a joy to use.