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A great feature on Windows Phone 8 is the enhanced options on your Nokia Lumia’s lock screen.

We have looked before at various apps and how you can customise a whole range of notifications for you to get the most out of your lock screen.

Now, we’d be interested to know what you value the most about the lock screen.

Is keeping your phone secure with a password more important to you than having a cool image on your display?

Or was customising the background image one of the first things you did when you set up your Nokia Lumia?

I don’t use a pass code on my phone but the notifications are really important to me. What do you all think?

The poll

We know that part of the lock screen’s appeal is that all these features work together seamlessly, and in reality you don’t need to choose between them but don’t let that stop you from voting in our fun and informal poll!

Let us know what you think in the comments too. How often do you change your background image? Do you use an app? Does anyone else not use a password lock on their Lumia, or is that just me?

Finally, this is a useful starting point you’d like more information about personalising your lock screen.