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Incredibly, over four billion people now have mobile phones, making the camera phone the most widely used type of camera in history. Nokia’s been at the forefront of this photographic revolution for over a decade and since 2008 it has been the world’s largest manufacturer of digital cameras. No surprise, then, that the Nokia Lumia 920 has one the finest smartphone cameras on the planet. We love ours, but what do the Internet’s best tech blogs think? Read for yourself below.

“Everything from contrast to color reproduction in low-light imagery was truly superior in the 920 to any other shooter we sampled it against, living up to Nokia’s claims on that front.”


“Image results from the Nokia Lumia 920 are spectacular, with the Finnish firm’s smartphone camera pedigree shining through on this Windows Phone 8 handset.”


“The Lumia 920′s camera is exceptionally good, including a f/2.0 8.7-megapixel sensor, but the magic is in its optical image stabilisation and low-light sensitivity.”

The Next Web

Nokia Lumia 920


“The Lumia 920 has a 26mm wide-angle lens by Carl Zeiss and a dual-LED flash, but it’s unique in the mobile phone world – it’s the first one to feature true Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) instead of digital tricks that try (and fail most often than not) to achieve the same result.”

GSM Arena

 “In the week I’ve used the phone I’ve taken quite a few photos with the handset that rival what I’d be able to achieve using a digital SLR camera.”


 “It’s the first smartphone to have a floating lens which means video footage, which can be recorded in full-HD, is extremely smooth.”

PC Advisor

 “The Smart Shoot mode […] takes a rapid series of photos – burst mode – then lets you edit in a face from any of the images into the final chosen shot.” It’s pretty neat.”

ZD Net

“Video on the 920 looked great. Colors were natural, and the 1080p HD picture was crisp and smooth at 30 frames per second.” 


PureView on the Lumia 920

 ” If you are fond of taking videos on the move, or just have the hands of a drunken sailor like us, you’ll love the Nokia Lumia 920’s cameras.”

NDTV Gadgets

“The 920’s camera is brilliant at snapping photos in pretty much every lighting condition we tried. Even using it in a room with zero to no light. We found the 920 was able to take crisp, vibrant photos thanks to its dual-LED flash and Carl Zeiss lens.”

Needless to say we’re very happy to see that so many of the Internets biggest tech-heads love the Nokia Lumia 920’s camera too. But, more importantly, what about you? As ever, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.